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Financial Support for the Dyson Business Inclusion and Diversity Program is received from the Charles H. Dyson School and from the following sources of corporate and foundation gifts:


We would also like to acknowledge the important advice and guidance provided by the Leadership Sub-committee of the Charles H. Dyson School Undergraduate Advisory Council.

Dyson Business Inclusion and
Diversity Program

Professor Cindy van Es: Statistics Enthusiast, Diversity Expert

When she is not teaching statistics classes, Prof. Cindy van Es, applied economics and management, can be found advising one of her seven student organizations, running her diversity promotion programs or working with a Kenyan grade school. Read more from the Cornell Daily Sun interview.


Gerrie McManus
Managing Member of Granger Management, LLC,
former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs
Nov. 12, 4:30pm, Warren 401

About the Program

Dyson Business Inclusion and Diversity Program is made up of three primary components, an inclusion component (speaker series, education workshops, conferences), a diversity component (Dyson Business Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Board, affinity groups, courses, student clubs. conferences), and the Intercultural and International Management Certificate Program, of which an international learning experience is a primary component.

We believe that demonstrated competencies in the areas of identity awareness, cross-cultural communication, global-business practices and inclusion are a strong added-value to students pursuing a degree in business management. The Intercultural and International Management Certificate is designed to give all undergraduate business students experience and education in communicating and working effectively with people from a variety of backgrounds.

We aim to be a school that: "fosters greater understanding of cultural differences and global perspectives. Graduates should be prepared to pursue business or management careers in a global context.” Students who participate in the Certificate program will develop their intercultural and international abilities through coursework, specialized training, and by participating in various events sponsored by the program. Students who complete the requirements of the program will receive a certificate of completion.


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