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Dyson Business Inclusion and
Diversity Program

Intercultural and International Management Certificate Program

Eligibility and Application Process for the Intercultural and International Management Certificate

Participation in the Certificate Program is open only to students registered as majors in the Charles S. Dyson School of Applied in Economics and Management. Students may apply to be admitted to the program upon completion of one semester at Cornell University. Accepted students have a maximum of 5 semesters to complete their requirements.

CIIM Requirements

  • Coursework
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • International Learning Experience


Now accepting applications for the Certificate of Intercultural and International Management.


3 credits of coursework. The following courses are acceptable; other classes need to be pre-approved by the Director of Diversity Programs.

  • AEM 1260: Business Inclusion and Diversity Skills (3 credits)
  • AEM 2000: Contemporary Controversies in the Global Economy (3 credits)
  • AEM 3340: Women, Leadership and Entrepreneurship (1 credit)
  • AEM 3381: Social Entrepreneurship Field Trip Class (1 credit)
  • AEM 4420: Emerging Markets (3 credits)
  • AEM 4940: Men of Color Skills Seminar (1 credit)
  • AEM 4940: Global Business Strategy (3 credits)
  • AEM 4940: Risk Management in Emerging Markets (3 credits)
  • AEM 4940: Business Inclusion and Diversity Skills Seminar (2 credits)
  • ASRC 4330: Race and Social Entrepreneurship, Environmental Justice and Urban Reform (4 credits)
  • COMM 2840: Sex, Gender and Communication (3 credits)
  • HADM 4155: Women in Leadership (2 credits)
  • HADM 4620: Intercultural Communication in Global Business (3 credits)
  • EDUC 2610: The Intergroup Dialogue Project (3 credits)
  • NBA 6440: Competition from Emerging Markets: The New Emerging Multinationals (1.5 credits)
  • NBA 5860: Cross-Cultural Management (1.5 credits)
  • SOC 3440: The Corporate Citizen (3 credits)


Atend a total of 6 seminars within a maximum of 5 semesters. A one-page reflection paper must be submiVed within a week of the seminar. All Dyson Undergraduate Student Seminars will qualify for this requirement; others must be pre-approved by the Dr. van Es or Sarah Fisher.


Experiential Activity: Training events (totaling a minimum of 4 hours) focused on topics such as: cross-cultural sensitivity/awareness, global business, managing diverse teams, etc. All activities must be pre-approved.

International Learning Experience

Participate in an International Learning Experience. A 3-5 page paper must be prepared that details the learning outcomes related to a specific global/multinational business topic. The following are some possible options (others must be pre-approved):

  • AEM 3290: International Agribusiness Study Trip (locations vary)
  • AEM 4421: Research and Strategy in Emerging Markets (SMART Program Trips)
  • AEM 4460: Food Marketing Colloquium
  • AEM 4940: Global Business Trip: South Africa
  • DSOC 4500: Bridges to Communit
  • IARD 4010/6010 : Experience Latin America: Rural and Urban Realitie
  • Semester abroad that includes business internship
  • AISEC Internship